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Delivering Perfection In Every Auto Detailing

From the moment you enter Pioneer Auto Spa you’ll feel the difference. Our warm & attentive team of auto care professionals will pamper both you and your vehicle to a “Spa Like” experience.  Our goal is to “deliver perfection in every detail” and that includes the client experience too.


Auto Detailing Products

We offer a complete line of car care products too. Clean your auto like a professional with our auto care products

Auto Detailing Satisfaction

Auto Detailing Services Tailored To Your Needs 

Exterior Detail

$87.95 - 149.95
  • Wash the vehicle to remove dirt & road film
  • Remove tar & other stuck on materials
  • Polish the exterior glass and chrome
  • Was applied with an orbital buffing system to remove light scratches and oxidation
  • Wax applied with micro-fiber towels
  • Clean & condition all rubber, vinyl/plastic on exterior

Interior Detail

$89.95 - 159.95
  • Vacuum to remove any loose dirt particles
  • Shampoo all carpeting and upholstery
  • Thorough cleaning of all leather, vinyl, consoles, glove boxes, arm rest, door paneling and plastics, including the dash board
  • Conditioning the vinyl and leather restoring the natural oils lost through aging
  • Clean all glass, spot clean headliners.

Carpet Express

  • Vacuum entire carpet and mats
  • Per-soak with solution
  • Spot-clean area
  • Extraction with hot water.

Express Wax

  • This package includes: “The Work”
  • Highest quality wash
  • Dress and tires
  • Windows cleaned inside and out
  • Wax is applied with an orbital buffing system

Mini Detail

  • Remove garbage inside vehicle
  • Power wash outside vehicle
  • Wipe high touch areas inside vehicle
  • Simple vacuum of carpet & seats

Seat Cleaning

$39.95 / Hour
  • Cloth Vacuum
  • Pre-soak, spot-clean areas and extract with hot water

Floor Mats

$1.50 - 2.50
  • Rubber mats washed $1.50 / mat
  • Carpet mats cleaned $2.50 / mat

Leather Treatment

  • Clean ground in dirt and grime.
  • Condition the leather & restore the natural oils.

Years Of Exeriance

5 Star Client Reviews

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Auto Details Completed

Your Guys are Amazing!!!

I have kids and pets and my SUV can get really dirty. When the team at Pioneer Auto Spa is done with my SUV is feels brand new.  No funny smells, no sticky handles, just a clean SUV perfect for date night with my husband.

Lacey Keller

Best in Utah

I was referred to this detail center a couple of years of go by a friend. The team at Pioneer Auto Spa always goes the extra mile for me and delivers amazing value. They are "the" experts and their work is second to none.

Stan Welson

I Choose Pioneer Auto Spa

The team at Pioneer Auto Spa is friendly and easy to work with. I am always greated with a smile and the work they've done on my truck is stunning. There are detail shops closer to my house but I choose to go to Pioneer Auto Spa.

Mac Williams